Mahindra CIE has a unique operating model which is focused on Operational Excellence which is in part evidenced by a networked organization with 'minimal fixed overheads'. We are in businesses which are diversified across processes, customers and geographies. Due to this diversity, we face different strategic issues and thus relevant responses in our constituent businesses.

Mahindra CIE has publicly stated that its strategic priority is to focus on expansion in India & ASEAN to meet CIE's objectives in Asia. CIE, with its unique business model that has delivered sustained & profitable growth, is in a position to help MCIE become one of the leading auto component players in Asia.

We are a part of the successful global CIE Automotive Group of Spain, and as such we have imbued their business practices, which have garnered a unique business model geared to generating shareholder returns. The CIE model focuses on every plant being profitable & entrepreneurial with low corporate overheads. One of the pillars of CIE's business approach is to maintain Investment discipline and return exigence. Our performance is always guided by the five key CIE parameters (viz. RONA%, EBIT%, FCF/ EBITDA, NOA/ EBITDA, Debt/ EBITDA). These ratios are used by CIE to evaluate each of its businesses.