Mahindra CIE is a dynamic organization which despite being young is in top 100 auto component suppliers in the world (CIE Automotive; including Mahindra CIE, is the 75th largest global automotive component company - Source: Automotive News, June 16th 2014). At Mahindra CIE we are aware that our human resources are the foundations to build our strategy and the key to the business success of our Group.

We are part of a global multinational – multi-technology company which supplies various parts to most of the major manufacturers. Thus the opportunities to grow with us are encouraging to say the least. This is evidenced by the fact that despite our size we are a comparatively young workforce. – Average Age of the employees is XX. When you join Mahindra CIE you become part of a team which allows you to build your career with a team that's committed to including, developing and engaging people, from a wide variety of backgrounds who care as much about excellence as you do.

Continuous growth and constantly facing new challenges have made our organization:

  • Dynamic, innovative and oriented to change and continuous improvement.
  • Diverse, where people from all academic backgrounds and experience can find their place - from new graduates to the most experienced.
  • Made up of people passionate about learning, creating and innovating, always striving to find a better way of doing things. This is why our people are our main asset. People who lead the change realizing their life and professional goals. As a result, we promote Professional Development in our organization with personalized career development plans at all levels.
  • Committed to Continuous Training, adapted to our development programs.