Mahindra CIE is part of the global auto component player viz. CIE Automotive Group of Spain. We are a diversified multi-technology company which enables us to be a player with complex & value added parts that afford sufficient volume but with relatively lesser competition.

Mahindra CIE businesses have access to a wider range of product technologies and geographies that will allow us to better serve your current and future business needs, in India and around the world. All our plants are well established and certified to have standardized processes and highly qualified management who have a plethora of experience, which will ensure that we can partner with you in developing value added parts and effectively service your needs on a day to day basis.

We are specialized in our individual businesses and are rapidly evolving to the changing customer needs.

  • Forgings : Leading producer of forged crankshafts both in India & Europe; significant player in common rail forgings in Europe
  • Castings: MCIE is among India's leading producers of ductile iron castings including turbocharger housings, differential housings & exhaust manifolds
  • Magnetics: India's leading producer & exporter of cores & magnets for car & 2Wheeler industry
  • Stampings: Among the largest automotive stamping companies in India