• Europe's leading Truck
    Forgings Supplier
  • Global powerhouse in light
    vehicle Crankshafts
  • India's leading producer of niche axle and engine ductile iron castings
  • India's leading Producer
    of Magnets for Automtive Applications
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  • Factory
  • Warehouse
  • Corporate Office
    • Ductile iron castings like housings, manifolds , turbochargers & cast crankshafts – cast & machined
    • Focus:Light Commercial, Utiility Vehicle
    • Pioneers in ferrite manufacturing in India
    • Global supplier of automotive magnets
    • Recent entrant in Induction Lamps
    • Thermoset Composite Materials & Products
    • Light weighting automotive solutions capability
    • Focus: Electricals & Switchgear Industry

Mahindra Forgings Europe

4 Locations in Germany & UK
Sales: EUR 270M
Focus : Trucks
Customers: All major Truck OEMs & Key Tier1
80%+ Sales to German plants

CIE Forgings Europe

3 Locations in Spain & Lithuania
Sales: EUR 150M
Focus : Cars
Customers: Major Car OEMs
80%+ Sales to W Europe


1 Locations in Italy
Sales: EUR 50M
Focus : Off Road
Customers: Major Off Road & Tractor OEMS
30%+ Exports outside Europe